Start Playing Family Barn

Have you ever thought about becoming a farmer? If so, there is a way to do so in as little as a few minutes. Try a farming simulation video game and see if you are cut out for the job.

Recently farming video games have become popular. One of the most played farm games around is Farmville. Many people play Farmville online and to play the Farmville online game a person must have a social networking account, but there are several other games like Farmville online. One that is similar to the Farmville game is a social network game called Family Barn.

While playing Family Barn you will not only learn the art of growing and selling crops but will also learn the advantages of a warmer, sunnier atmosphere, and farm animals to help build a successful farm. The premise of the game is to have a productive farm so you must first harvest vegetables in order to give them to your farm animals, such as cows. Once a cow has her share of the harvest, she will be able to produce milk, earning you and your new farm money for your new family business. With the money that is earned you will be able to afford cool things that will make your farm more productive than ever.

It is easy to get started; simply go to the Family Barn website,, and start farming! Just make sure that you have a working Facebook account, or valid e-mail address, so that you are able to log on and play.


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